Activation Donation

► What is the activation donation?

To support the Project Calendar, which you will use to find and join multiple volunteer projects led by our awesome HandsOn San Diego Team Leaders, we have instituted a one-time $25 activation donation for individuals, $50 family activation donation, and $200 fee for groups, teams, organizations, or companies wishing to volunteering together.

► Why is this necessary?

HOSD is a nonprofit, run by inspired volunteers and buckets of technology. While our volunteer leadership isn’t paid, we are charged for the technology needed to support the Calendar. We apply the activation donations toward this cost and, as a nonprofit, you can acknowledge this donation as a tax-deductible donation.

► How can I volunteer if I can’t pay the donation?

We understand it may not be possible for everyone to pay this one-time fee. We can waive the fee if it represents a financial hardship. Simply request a waiver by emailing HandsOn San Diego never wants to turn away anyone willing to help because of lack of resources. All hands are appreciated!

► When do I submit this donation?

Just prior to completing your online volunteer orientation, you will be prompted to visit the webpage to process the fee. You will be sent an email receipt within minutes, and within an hour you will be able to start registering for volunteer opportunities. 

► When does the account activation donation expire?

Your activation fee is a one-time donation, which will provide you with a lifetime membership to HandsOn San Diego, entitling you to register for as many volunteer projects as you like! We hope you come back often!