The HandsOn San Diego Team



Lisa Lindgren

Volunteer Engagement

Jessie Case

College Corps Fellows

#CaliforniansForAll College Corps provides college students with service opportunities in critical issue areas such as climate action, K-12 education, and food recovery. Students who complete a year of service receive $10,000 toward their college expenses while gaining valuable experience serving in their communities. 


Climate Action Fellow

Bianca Gargicevich Martins De Almeida

Climate Action Fellow

Julia Banashak

Food Insecurity Fellow

Samantha Bottari

Advisory Board 

HandsOn San Diego Advisory Board Members are an integral piece to the development of volunteerism across San Diego. Each Board Member is highly regarded amongst their peers and has a great affinity for volunteerism.

Board Chair

Janeé Weaver

Board Vice Chair

Jaqueline Hess

Board Secretary

Deborah Krakauer











Board Treasurer

Allyson Fenton Christou

Board Member

Justin Umpierre

Board Member

Casilda Pagan











Board Member

Jasmine Davda

Board Member 

Brooke Haggerty

Board Member 

Chris Squillaci











Board Member 

Judy Larkins

Action Teams

At HandsOn, we believe in strengthening communities through volunteer action. That’s why we’re on a mission to make volunteering simple and accessible for people across San Diego. Our Action Teams are the crew working behind the scenes to make it happen. Find what you’re passionate about and explore the ways to get involved!