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Create a Team: Volunteering as a Group

Faith-based groups, community organizations, clubs, and groups of friends can volunteer with HandsOn San Diego as a team. This is not an appropriate avenue if you are with a company looking for volunteer opportunities for your employees. If that is the case, please email us at or view our ways to volunteer as a company

The team captain will be able to sign up team members for service projects your group is interested in and be able to see your team's service hours total. Each member of the team will have their own account where they can volunteer individually as well. 

Because teams are an added feature, we have a fee of $200 that cannot be waived. If the fee is an issue, individuals can sign themselves individually and ask for a waiver, but they will not be linked to your team.

Ready to volunteer as a team? Here are your next steps: 

  1. Check-out our calendar to see what fits your team's size, schedule, and interest.
  2. Create an account with us by registering to be a HandsOn San Diego member HERE.
  3. Select the Group Membership for $200. 
  4. Under the "My Account" tab, click "Create a New Team" (must be logged in).  
  5. Give your team a name and then add the names and email addresses of your team members. After you submit, the system will prompt automatic emails to them asking them to create unique accounts. This way they'll be in the system and they can volunteer with or without the team.
  6. Once each of your team members have created their accounts, you can start signing up your team for volunteer projects by clicking "sign up with a team" under the project's description. There you'll be able to select who from your team will be attending the project. 

Note: Due to a high number of volunteers who sign-up for a project but do not attend, starting July 1, 2018 we are implementing a "No-Show Policy." After 3 no-shows without reasonable excuses, your account will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to volunteer using our site and calendar feature. No-shows not only hurt our nonprofit partners who may not be able to accomplish a crucial part of their mission, but also our Volunteer Leaders who put so much effort into ensuring a well-managed project, and our work alleviating the stress of volunteer recruitment from our nonprofit partners.

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