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HandsOn San Diego was created to help support local nonprofits who have seen a deep reduction in attendance at their volunteer opportunities. In addition, San Diego residents have found it harder to connect to volunteer opportunities. They aren’t sure where to find projects that are convenient to their schedules or locations.

Your donation to HandsOn San Diego will support our work to address these issues by mobilizing volunteers to year-round programs, creating lasting community impact through meaningful volunteer action. Volunteers do the heavy lifting for the organization, but your help provides the supplies and technology needed to make it happen!

To donate by check, please send your donation with payable to "Mission Edge / HandsOn San Diego" to:

Mission Edge / HandsOn San Diego
P.O. Box 102894
Pasadena, CA 91189-2894

To donate by card, please fill our your information below. The charge will appear as "Mission Edge - HandsOn" on your credit card. Mission Edge San Diego is our fiscal sponsor.

If you would like to learn about how other ways to support HandsOn San Diego, please contact us at


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