Frequently Asked Questions - For Partners

► How do I get my organization involved?

Visit our About Partnership page to see whether you're a good fit and to learn more about what we can do for you.

► Can I post my volunteer opportunities on your site?

No, HandsOn San Diego does not provide a general online listing or posting service. The projects on our calendar are projects that we set up and manage with our community partners. If you require a long-term commitment from volunteers or want to list other service opportunities with your organization, please contact Volunteer Match. To find out about partnering with HandsOn San Diego, check out our About Partnership page.

► What are the benefits of partnering with HandsOn San Diego?

  • By becoming a project partner, you will work with us to remove the barriers that keep people from taking action in their community by making volunteering easy to access.
  • Our projects and sign up process is convenient for volunteers. Most projects are held on weekday evenings (after 5:00pm) and weekends, convenient times for most volunteers. Our Project Calendar provides an easy way for volunteers to sign up for projects, track service hours and learn about new opportunities.
  • All of our projects are managed and led by trained HandsOn San Diego Team Leaders who serve as the liaisons between your organization and the volunteers. Our Team Leader will also be available on site to help with volunteer questions, needs, and motivation.
  • We have a marketing team dedicated to driving traffic to our website and filling all the projects on our calendar. Our goal is to ensure your project is impactfull by making sure it's full of motivated volunteers.
  • HandsOn San Diego is also an affiliate of HandsOn Network, the largest network of local volunteer centers around the world. Their 250 HandsOn Volunteer Action Centers engage 21st century volunteers to use their time, talent, voice and money to create change in their communities.

► Can HandsOn San Diego volunteers help with our fundraiser?

No, our volunteer projects are hands-on, direct-service projects. For other types of volunteering, consider posting them with Volunteer Match.

► How do I update the description of my project?

You can e-mail updated descriptions to us at

► Still have more questions or concerns?

Click here to tell us who you are and the problem you're running into and we'll find someone to help!