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Bianca Gargicevich Martins De Almeida

College Corps Fellow, Climate Action

Bianca Gargicevich Martins De Almeida

Bianca Gargicevich Martins De Almeida is a first-generation, fourth-year University of San Diego student pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Put simply, her passion for civic engagement stems from a deep love for people. As a proud child of immigrant parents, she works to honor the core-values instilled through her culture; the ultimate goal being to support and love those within the communities we occupy. Bianca found her community on USD's campus through The Mulvaney Center, serving her campus and Linda Vista communities through various positions over the past four years, both on and off campus. 

As a College Corps Fellow, Bianca is continuing her pursuit of civic engagement work alongside HandsOn San Diego and their many non-profit partners. Working with a focus on HandsOn's Climate Change oriented efforts, Bianca is motivated to make our local, San Diego County communities, a better environment for all of our community members; all while maintaining her commitment to families all over San Diego county as an ABA Behavioral Therapy Technician. It is this direct, hands-on experience with people that drives Bianca to civic engagement, she hopes to continue to connect with her communities in the future and be a part of building a better tomorrow!