Halloween is Here: Volunteer Opportunities for the Spooky Season

October 31, 2022

The time of vampires, ghouls, goblins, and trick-or-treating is back! As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to die away and open places begin to arise once again, volunteering with your friends, family, and fellow trick-or-treaters becomes a possibility once again. Since Halloween is the celebration of the spirits that rise in celebration of the harvest season, here are a couple of food-related organizations to volunteer for around the hallowed day:

The Lucky Duck Foundation

The Lucky Duck Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to serving the homeless with a multitude of resources, ranging from food to transportation. Their main purpose is to fund programs that aid the suffering of those who are homeless and collaborate with many partners to accomplish this task.

You can find their website here and opportunities to volunteer with them here.  

Botanical Community Development Initiatives

Botanical Community Development Initiatives is a nonprofit dedicated to sustainable farming, in a way that is plentiful and beneficial for the environment at the same time. Some of their activities include housing a plant nursery, a farm stand, and much more!

Check out their website here and opportunities to volunteer with them here.

Heaven’s Windows

Heaven’s Windows is a nonprofit committed to helping low-income families through projects such as food packing for children, senior job training sites, etc. They are also involved in many other projects, collaborating with other organizations to ensure disadvantaged San Diego San Diegans get back on their feet.

Look at their website here and volunteer with them here!

Feeding San Diego

Feeding San Diego is the local chapter of the nationwide organization Feeding America. Their goal is to ensure every hungry person in San Diego has a healthy intake of nutritious food and to eliminate food insecurity in the county. They are involved in a variety of projects, including packing backpacks with food for local students, Calfresh, etc.

Check out their website here and volunteer with them here!

California Wolf Center

Whenever we think of spooky things, what else comes to mind? The number 13, the full moon, and werewolves of course. And speaking of werewolves, HandsOn San Diego has a new partner: The California Wolf Center! The California wolf center is a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring the protection of wolves and conducting an assortment of projects to contribute to the safety of their habitat, recovering wild wolves, and much more!

If you’re interested in giving a helping hand, check out their website here and for their opportunities here!

That’s surely not a complete list of all the organizations you can volunteer for, but I hope that it’ll get you started! HandsOn San Diego hopes you have a fang-tastic time volunteering!  Happy Halloween!